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Swim Lessons

The best swim instructors in Spokane!

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Chester Hills Pool
Swimming Lessons
2020 Season

Lessons are Monday-Thursday. Friday will be used as a make-up day if needed due to weather.

Lesson Sessions:
Monday - Thursday

June 29 – July 2 (private lessons only)

July 6 – July 16

July 20 – July 30

Aug 3 – Aug 13

Aug 17 – Aug 27

Aug 31 – Sept 3 (private lessons only)

All classes are in the morning and will be completed by noon. Classes take place between 9:00 and 11:30 am. Level 4 and above are 45 minutes classes, and Levels 1-3 are 30 minute classes. We do our best to keep class sizes small and schedule siblings groups as close to each other as possible. Times will be confirmed Thursday the week prior to your scheduled lesson.

American Red Cross Swimming Lessons
30-45 minute classes
Two week sessions-No Fridays
$50 each for a group of 3 or more

$60 Swim Lesson Fee

* Sales tax + Paypal processing fee included in rate.

  • Level 1A For the 3 yr old, water acclimation.
  • Level 1B Bubbles, floating, cont. acclimation
  • Level 2 Breath control, front crawl, intro. to backstroke.
  • Level 3 Retrieve objects, side breathing, backstroke, intro to elem. backstroke.
  • Level 4 Cont. with the skills from 3 and intro. to breaststroke, sidestroke and treading water.
  • Level 5 Cont. with skills from 4 and intro. to butterfly, underwater swimming and diving from the board.
  • Level 6 Cont. with skills from 5 and intro. to turns and surface dives.
  • Level 7 Increased endurance with continued refinement of strokes and intro to lifesaving.

E-mail chplessons@gmail.com

Make Checks Payable to: Chester Pool
Send form and check to :
Chester Hills Pool
2008 Balfour Rd.
Spokane Valley, WA 99206