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Swim Lessons

The best swim instructors in Spokane!

  • Level 1A For the 3 yr old, water acclimation.
  • Level 1B Bubbles, floating, cont. acclimation
  • Level 2 Breath control, front crawl, intro. to backstroke.
  • Level 3 Retrieve objects, side breathing, backstroke, intro to elem. backstroke.
  • Level 4 Cont. with the skills from 3 and intro. to breaststroke, sidestroke and treading water.
  • Level 5 Cont. with skills from 4 and intro. to butterfly, underwater swimming and diving from the board.
  • Level 6 Cont. with skills from 5 and intro. to turns and surface dives.
  • Level 7 Increased endurance with continued refinement of strokes and intro to lifesaving.

E-mail chplessons@gmail.com

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